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Medical Support Operations Conference 2018 – New Partnerships for Health Security Development and Crisis Response – Where National, Charitable and Commercial Institutions Meet - A Foreword By Major General Martin Bricknell, Acting Surgeon General of the UK Ministry of Defence

'The Medical Support Operations Conference in 2018 is, once again, being organised by Defence IQ and supported by the UK Defence Medical Services (DMS). This year, the working title we have chosen is “New Partnerships for Health Security Development and Crisis Response – Where National, Charitable and Commercial Institutions Meet” This has been chosen in response to a recognition that, globally, there are ever present challenges and threats to community, National and Global health security that will overwhelm the ability of the population or its government, to respond. Overcoming these challenges and threats calls on the efforts of the global community and has traditionally come from National and Charitable institutions. However, the commercial sector has also begun to operate in this area. This has served to further blur the boundaries of who does what, where and how. During the conference, we will seek to identify where National, Charitable and Commercial institutions may be able to co-operate more effectively in the future to deliver greater capability more efficiently to reset community, national and global health security. 

In 2017, we put together an impressive panel of international speakers. This year, I believe, we have done better. Amongst those attending and presenting will be Mr Tom McCaffery, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defence for Health Affairs from the USA, Maj Gen J-M Bernier, recently chair of COMEDS, Maj Gen M Bricknell, Acting Surgeon General of the UK and BG S Kowitz from SHAPE. We are also going to have speakers from Australia, Canada, Denmark and Norway and have recently extended an invitation to participants from Indonesia. 

The conference will be an invaluable opportunity to engage with both the UK MoD and international partners on the unique challenges of operating in a changing global health security setting. In addition, we will be joined by industry to explore new partnerships, which will shape medical activity going out into the future. 

I hope that you will join us in April to consider the future of the medical support landscape. I look forward to welcoming you to this important forum'.

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Why you should attend Medical Support Operations 2018:


Interoperate more effectively with your military, humanitarian and commercial partners in the delivery of deployed care


Detect, predict and diagnose disease and disaster sooner, in order to facilitate a rapid and effective medical response that minimises the reach of infection and trauma


Safely transport blood and critical resources to the point of need, even in an austere operating environment


Deliver clinical care far forward by advancing your understanding of ruggedised clinical equipment, and prolong survivability in a resource-poor setting

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